Wild Science: Wilderness & Climate Change Published on March 18, 2016.  This video was directed & produced by  Beth Hahn from the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute and by Dru Carr of High Plains Films.

Climate Change From Inter-Tribal Youth Congress 2015 on YouTube. Published on Jul 2, 2015. This video was made by Native American students from all over the US to help educate people about problems in their area caused by climate change

Film series TIED TO THE LAND: VOICES OF NORTHWEST ALASKA- Episode- SEA ICE SECURE. Rural Northwest Alaskan people demonstrate strong resilience to the impacts of climate change. Sea Ice Secure showcases ways in which local people are seeking adaptive ways to go about their subsistence way of life in the wake of rapid change in the sea ice conditions. Filmed and edited by Sarah Betcher.

A Legacy Story chronicles the long struggle over decisions about opening Bristol Bay and the southeast Bering Sea to offshore oil and gas drilling. Since the 1970s, people dependent on the region’s rich marine resources have been undaunted in an effort to protect these waters. A Legacy Story was created by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Nunamta Aulukestai.

The Weather Channel presents Climate 25 – Conversations with 25 of the Smartest Voices on Climate, Energy, and Peace.

Baked Alaska – studying Alaska’s ice and snow to track climate change, PBS NewsHour, 11/17/2014

Arctic Waves Pound Vanishing Ice Scientists search the Arctic for huge waves that could change weather and destroy delicate ecosystems. Scientific American, 4/14/2015

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals Video: Adapting to ChangeThe Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) recently released a video “Adapting to Change,” which highlights both the climate change challenges faced by indigenous peoples and the efforts being put forth to protect natural and cultural resources. The video explains climate-induced changes like sea-level rise, warming temperatures, and flooding that impact communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the globe. Also featured in the video are a number of individuals and organizations working to discuss, understand, and put forth efforts to develop adaptation strategies and mitigate climate change impacts. 

A Resilient Society: The final video in a four-part video series. Released in conjunction with Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels. Resilience is a word that’s gaining a lot of currency in recent years, as more and more people realize there are some shocks headed our way. But what would a more resilient society look like? This video is the fourth in a four-part series by Richard Heinberg and Post Carbon Institute.

Berry Risk Mapping & Modeling Webinar Available – Are you interested in native berry plants and risks to their abundance in Southcentral Alaska? The webinar discusses an outbreak of Geometrid moths that decimated subsistence berry harvest in South Central Alaska. Learn more about the project.

A humorous take on a serious issue: Funny or Die Video: How to Diagnose Climate Change Denial Disorder

From Climate Risk to Climate DolutionsClimate change poses risks for people, ecosystems, and economies. Many possible climate solutions can reduce and manage these risks, while building a more sustainable world. A new animated video (3.5 minutes) introduces these core themes from the Working Group II contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report. The video was produced by the Working Group II Technical Support Unit, which is hosted and funded by USGCRP.

Naomi Klein: Let’s kick oil while the price is down – video from The Guardian

From More Than Scientists – You might be surprised why John’s less worried that his seaside home will flood & more worried about the sea itself.

Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist packed with interesting short videos about climate change and adaptation from various sources.

A six year old’s view of climate change, from National Geographic.

The recent Climate, Conservation, and Community in Alaska and Northwest Canada conference videos are available on Vimeo.

From More Than Scientists – the experts behind climate change science are stepping out of the lab and into a new conversation. Meet them in a brand-new video, #‎MoreThanScientists‬.

Senator Bernie Sanders addresses Alaska leaders concerning climate change issues.

The UAF Geophysical Institute has a Science for Alaska Lecture Series covering a variety of topics from 2009 to todayInteresting topics include  Changing Relationships Among Alaska Hunters, Wildlife, and Habitat, Greening of the Arctic, and Thawing Permafrost – What Does it Mean for the Arctic.

PBS has a variety of climate change topic videos :

Earth Institute’s A Climate of Change: Ocean Acidification in Alaska

NOAA CarbonTracker‘s Pumphandle 2014: History of atmospheric carbon dioxide

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) has a video on indigenous peoples and the efforts being put forth to protect natural and cultural resources. The video explains climate-induced changes like sea-level rise, warming temperatures, and flooding that impact communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

Panel Discussion from Natural Areas Association‘s 41st Annual Natural Areas Conference Plenary Session, featuring Emma Marris, Hugh Safford, Reed Noss and Keith Bowers. Novel ecosystems are discussed at minute 28

PBS Newshour: Studying Alaska’s ice and snow to track climate change, with science correspondent Miles O’Brien; 35,000 walruses gather in Alaska due to climate change.

Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program’s Faces of Climate Change video series

Newtok, Alaska’s coastal erosion situation, The Guardian’s America’s Climate Refuges series

BBC Earth produced a three-part series, The Climate Wars – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

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