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The West’s Wildfire Season Gets Worse, The Atlantic, 8/20/2015

The forests of the world are in serious trouble, scientists report, The Washington Post, 8/20/2015

Toxic Algae Bloom Poisons Marine Life From California to Alaska, KQED, 8/19/2015


The EPA’s New Methane Rules for the Oil and Gas Industry, The Atlantic, 8/18/2015

Guide sees record-long polar bear dive, Eye on the Arctic, 8/17/2015

Much of Asia’s Celestial mountain glacier ice could melt by 2050, New Scientist, 8/17/2015

Alaska’s local leaders can’t afford partisan deadlock on climate change, ADN, 8/17/2015

Global warming increases ‘food shocks’ threat, BBC News, 8/14/2015

The Pope and the Planet, The New York Review of Books, 8/13/2015

On the trail of the Arctic’s carbon time bomb, New Scientist, 8/12/2015

US Catholic fossil fuel investments at odds with pope’s climate push, The Guardian, 8/12/2015

Ikea to sell only energy-saving LED lightbulbs, The Guardian, 8/10/2015

Will these Alaska villagers be America’s first climate change refugees?, PRI, 8/9/2015

As sea ice shrinks, the Arctic gets warmer and wetter, study finds, ADN, 8/9/2015

Drought causes emergency fishing closure in Olympic National Park, King 5 News, 8/9/2015

A Once-Flourishing Pima Cotton Industry Withers in an Arid California, The New York Times, 8/7/2015

The Alaska “Blob” Tracker Launched, AOOS News, 8/7/2015

Climate change causes timing shifts in fish reproduction,, 8/7/2015

Gov. Brown highlights climate change risks at site of Rocky fire, LA Times, 8/6/2015

Warming temps push walrus north, leaving Alaska villages without traditional food source, ADN, 8/6/2015

Record-setting bloom of toxic algae in North Pacific, NOAA,, 8/6/2015

Civic Disobedience and Climate Change, Huff Post, 8/5/2015

This Year’s Drought: A Glimpse into the Future, OSU Terra News, 8/5/2015

Thanks to lopsided thaw, Arctic ice extent stays clear of record low, ADN, 8/5/2015

New study traces the fate of carbon stored in thawing Arctic soils,, 8/5/2015

The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here, Rolling Stone, 8/5/2015

Yup, it’s hot: Southcentral Alaska communities set temperature records, ADN, 8/5/2015


Finalized Clean Power Plan Outlines Key Ways to Stop Climate Change, League of Women Voters, 8/5/2015

Australia was ready to act on climate 25 years ago, so what happened next?, The Guardian, 8/5/2015

Toxic algae bloom in Pacific even larger than thought, CBS News, 8/5/2015

Greenland’s mosquitoes are getting worse, ADN, 8/5/2015

Bloom of toxic algae from California to Alaska causes worry, ADN, 8/4/2015

Stop burning fossil fuels now: there is no CO2 ‘technofix’, scientists warn, The Guardian, 8/3/2015

World’s glaciers losing ice faster than ever recorded, study says, ADN, 8/3/2015

Is Anywhere on Earth Safe From Climate Change?, The Atlantic, 8/3/2015

Alaska Exempt From New Federal Clean Power Rules, For Now, AK Public Media, 8/3/2015

Climate change is fueling a spike in wildfires across the Americas, PRI, 8/2/2015

Another unusually warm winter forecast for Alaska, ADN, 8/1/2015

Scientists fear toxic algae bloom spreading on Pacific coast, Aljazeera America, 8/1/2015

Obama to unveil tougher climate plan with his legacy in mind, ADN (via New York Times), 8/1/2015; Obama Aims To Tighten Restrictions On Plants’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions, NPR, 8/3/2015; Climate change: Obama unveils Clean Power Plan, BBC News, 8/3/2015

Climate change deniers can learn from Dena’ina ‘stupid boy story’ tradition, ADN, 7/31, 2015


Time for Action on climate change, Fairbanks Newsminer, 7/28/2015

Are massive wildfires the new normal?, CBSNews, 7/27/2015

Warming Planet May Double Odds of New York Flooding, Study Says, Bloomberg Business, 7/27/2015

Plankton threatened by ocean acidification: Why that matters, Christian Science Monitor, 7/22/2015

Detecting mismatches of bird migration stopover and tree phenology in response to changing climate, Southwest Climate Science Center, 7/21/2015

Flooding Could Double in High Rugged Regions, CIRC (Climate Impacts Research Consortium), 7/10/2015

33 reasons why we can’t think clearly about climate change, New Scientist, 7/8/2015

Coastal Alaska natives face ‘some of the highest shoreline erosion in the world’, The Washington Post, 7/2/2015


Over 300 wildfires are burning in Alaska right now. That’s an even bigger problem than it sounds, The Washington Post, 6/26/2015

Map: Tracking Alaska’s wildfires, ADN, 6/25/2015

Alaska wildfire seasons getting bigger and longer, report says, ADN, 6/24/2015

Climate change drives California’s stunning wildflowers off, Conservation, 6/24/2015

What’s Really Warming the World? Bloomberg Business, 6/24/2015

Thawing permafrost could have catastrophic consequences, scientists warn, PRI, 6/24/2015

Survival Of The Greenest Beer? Breweries Adapt To A Changing Climate, NPR, 6/24/2015

Severe weather linked more strongly to global warming, Nature, 6/24/2015

Landmark court ruling tells Dutch government to do more on climate change, Nature, 6/24/2015

Climate change poses a massive health risk, but fighting it will be good for everyone, PRI, 6/24/2015

In Hot Water: Climate Change Reaches Underwater & Impacts Freshwater Fisheries, USGS Science Features, 6/24/2015

The blood-sucking consequences of biodiversity decline, Conservation, 6/23/2015

Hope from the Pope -The Vatican has produced a timely and valuable warning on the threat of climate change that will reach a wide audience, Nature, 6/22/2015

Time to get serious: Global warming is real, and it threatens everyone, ADN, 6/22/2015

As warm summer continues, Deadhorse ties record high temperature, ADN, 6/22/2015

Better Technology Stretches Arctic Alaska’s Shrinking Tundra Travel Season, Eye on the Arctic, 6/22/2015

Energy Challenges in Canada’s North, Eye on the Arctic, 6/22/2015

USDA Updates Department Policy for Climate Change Adaptation, USDA News Release, 6/22/2015

Climate Change Brings New Insect Arrivals to Finland, Eye on the Arctic, 6/22/2015

Tilling Alaska’s tundra at Meyers Farm in Bethel, ADN, 6/21/2015

White spruce shifting from Interior to Western Alaska, study finds, ADN,6/20/2015

Climate change and female farmers in Botswana, Aljazeera, 6/19/215

Alaska’s climate hell: Record heat, wildfires and melting glaciers signal a scary new normal, Salon, 6/19/2015

A Papal Message That Spares No One, The New Yorker, 6/19/2015

Forecast predicts warm weather in Alaska through September, ADN, 6/19/2015

Endangered whales are dying off in Alaska, and scientists are racing to discover why, The Washington Post, 6/19/2015

Study: Alaska’s melting mountain glaciers have big impact on sea-level rise, ADN, 6/18/2015

Why the Pope’s letter on climate change matters, Nature, 6/18/2015

Pope Francis Aligns Himself With Mainstream Science on Climate, The New York Times, 6/18/2015

Pope Francis blames ‘human selfishness’ for global warming, BBC News, 6/18/2015

Polish Oilmen Go Arctic, Eye on the Arctic, 6/17/2015

Ahead of pope’s climate message, U.S. Catholics split on cause of global warming, Reuters, 6/16/2015

Pope’s moral mission on global warming to shift US climate wars, New Scientist, 6/16/2015

GOP-controlled Wisconsin board backtracks, allows staff to work on global warming issues, Greenfield Daily Reporter, 6/16/2015

Acidification takes toll on Beaufort Sea; threats loom in Chukchi and Bering, ADN, 6/15/2015

Asia Ahead on Planning for Polar Climate Change Says US Arctic Rep, Eye on the Arctic, 6/15/2015

Asia ahead on preparing for polar climate change, says U.S. Arctic rep, Eye on the Arctic, 6/15/2015

Naomi Oreskes, a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate, The New York Times, 6/15/2015

Toxic algae bloom might be largest ever, The Seattle Times, 6/15/2015

Losing Frozen Earth Could Cook the Planet, Living on Earth-PRI, 6/12/2015

Climate Change, Mountain Pine Beetles, and the Future of Whitebark Pine, NWCSC, June 2015

Severity of wheat diseases likely to increase as CO2 rises, Science for Environmental Policy, 6/11/2015

Islanders urged to conserve water, British Columbia Newsroom, 6/8/2015

Global Warming “Hiatus” Never Happened: New Study,, 6/5/2015

Seven New Frogs Discovered in Brazil are Already at Risk, Conservation Magazine, 6/5/2015

Baked Alaska: A Snowless Climate Threatens the Survival of the Yupik People of Togiak, Newsweek, 6/3/2015

Scientists Cast Doubt On An Apparent ‘Hiatus’ In Global Warming, NPR, 6/2/2015

Invasive Microbe Aids Coral Survival but puts Reefs at Risk, Conservation Magazine, 6/2/2015

Study: Global warming risks changes to ocean life unprecedented in the last 3 million years, The Washington Post, 6/1/2015

May 2015 Nine Cities Summary Available from the Alaska Climate Research Center

Big compromises needed to meet carbon-emissions goal, Nature, 5/27/2015

Norwegian Monarch Visits Alaska, Urges Action on Climate Change, Alaska Public Media, 5/27/2015

Has the Last Human Trekked to the North Pole? National Geographic, 5/25/2015

Baked Alaska, NASA Earth Observing System Image of the Day, 5/25/2015

Climate change smarts now part of core competency for professionals, Business Vancouver, 5/25/2015

Unusual weather pattern brings record highs to Arctic, Eye on the Arctic, 5/22/2015

Growing New Trends in Kenai Peninsula Forests, KDLL, 5/21/2015

Gov’s Arctic advisor discusses climate change, subsistence regs at convention, Alaska Public Media, 5/21/2015

The Blob expands from Gulf of Alaska to Baja California, KTOO, 5/20/2015

An Alaskan Island Goes 100% Renewable, Rocky Mountain Institute Blog, 5/19/2015

Refuge Notebook: Exotic dove continues a steady march north, Kenai Peninsula Clarion, 5/14/2015

Women, Violence and Climate Change,, 5/14/2015

Marshall Islands may stop registering oil rigs, says foreign minister, The Guardian, 5/13/2015

Weather Service: Anchorage’s last winter unofficially least snowy on record, ADN, 5/13/2015

As Andes Warm, Deciphering The Future for Tropical Birds, Yale Environment 360 via, 5/13/2015

Northern Birds Invade the South Thanks to a Shifting Climate, Conservation This Week, 5/13/2015

Paper finds a surprising link between warmer temperatures and math test scores, The Washington Post, 5/12/2015

As Andes Warm, Deciphering The Future for Tropical Birds, Yale Environment 360, 5/12/2015

Alaska’s Tricky Intersection of Obama’s Energy and Climate Legacies, The New York Times, 5/12/2015

Apparent slowing of sea level rise is artefact of satellite data, NewScientist, 5/11/2015

A Climate-Modeling Strategy That Won’t Hurt the Climate, The New York Times, 5/11/2015

River of desert dust feeds Amazon forests, NASA Global Climate Change news, 5/11/2015

One of the Best Fields for New College Graduates? Agriculture.
Nearly 60,000 High-Skilled Agriculture Job Openings Expected Annually in U.S., Yet Only 35,000 Graduates Available to Fill Them. USDA News Release 5/11/2015

Pair of Canadians detail effects of a warming Arctic on humans and nature, ADN, 5/10/2015

Fairbanks may be stronghold for ‘last skiers’: Climate changing bringing uncertainty to winter sports, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 5/10/2015

Could salmon sharks be factor in declining Bering Sea king salmon numbers? ADN 5/8/2015

Australian PM’s adviser says U.N. using climate change for ‘new world order’, Reuters, 5/8/2015

Western Snowpack Melts Early, Little Remains, USDA News Release 5/8/2015

UN Climate Chief Says Technology Has Changed Carbon Politics, AP, 5/7/2015

The G.O.P.’s war on science gets worse – Cutting the N.S.F.’s climate-science budget isn’t going to alter the basic realities of climate change. The New Yorker, article by Elizabeth Kolbert, 5/6/2015

Seeking Public Input on the Sustained National Climate Assessment,, 5/6/2015

Marriott hotels using energy demand reduction to cut carbon footprint, The Guardian, 5/6/2015

Hawaii Legislature sets goal of 100% renewables by 2045, Honolulu Star Advertiser, 5/6/2015

Kenai Bluff Project Begins Important Study Step, KDLL, 5/6/2015

Thinking Local On Alaska Agriculture Day, KDLL, 5/5/2015

Paris 2015: Two degrees warming a ‘prescription for disaster’ says top climate scientist James Hansen, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5/5/2015

Return of The Blob, Alaska Public Media, 5/5/2015

USGCRP Selects Scenarios for Next National Climate Assessment,, 5/5/2015

Forest Service Chief Predicts “Above Normal” Wildland Fire Potential in Much of the West – North Central U.S. Also Faces an Active Fire Year, USDA Forest Service News Release, 5/5/2015

Low Pollock Years Linked to Ice Retreat, Alaska Public Media, 5/5/2015

Western towns hard-hit by climate change unite, target coal for funds, The Denver Post, 5/3/2015

Logan Airport drafts climate change plan; Targets energy use, emissions; aims to protect against sea rise, The Boston Globe, 5/4/2015

Climate drives ‘new era’ in Arctic Ocean, BBC News, 5/4/2015

Fjords soak up a surprising amount of carbon – Inlets at high latitudes store carbon faster than do other marine ecosystems, Nature, 5/4/2015

Drought’s Extremes Can Be Measured at Record-Low Lake Mead, The New York Times, 5/4/2015

Two Arctic ice researchers presumed drowned after unseasonably high temperatures, The Guardian, 5/1/2015

Modeling Summit Bridges Weather & Climate, Research & Operations, US Global Change Research Program News, 5/1/2015

A sea lion named ‘Rubbish’ was found wandering the streets of San Francisco, The Washington Post, 4/30/2015

Climate change risk to ‘one in six species’, BBC News, 4/30/2015

Researchers breed Arctic cod; species vulnerable to warming, Fairbanks Newsminer, 4/30/2015

Moose deaths by trains hit 10-year low due to light snowfall, ADN, 4/30/2015

Study in patience — Kenai inks funding agreement on bluff erosion final feasibility study, The Redoubt Reporter, 4/29/2015

NC sea-level forecast is a cause for relief this time, News & Observer, 4/29/2015

Murkowski urges EPA to drop Alaska from climate change rule, ADN, 4/29/2015

Bayocean: the American city that disappeared because man ignored nature, The Guardian, 4/28/2015

Three in every four extremely hot days linked to climate change, New Scientist, 4/28/2015

Climate indicators suggest El Nino is forming – Australian weather bureau, Reuters, 4/28/2015

Prince Charles on brink of ending all fossil fuel investments: Prince of Wales’ move comes as seven UK-based charitable foundations announce their fossil fuel divestment on financial and ethical grounds, The Guardian, 4/28/2015

Delaware braces for climate change, The News Journal/Delaware online, 4/28/2015

Vatican convenes major climate-change meeting: Religious leaders and scientists gather to discuss moral implications of global warming as Pope drafts key letter, Nature, 4/27/2015

Global warming brews weird weather: Human influence on extreme heat and rain events is growing, Nature, 4/27/2015

Microbes play villainous role in Arctic climate change, New Scientist, 4/27/2015

Bill Nye: Climate change is “not something you should be debating or denying,” The Washington Post, 4/24/2015

Ontario, Quebec chide PM over climate change, Metroland Media, 4/24/2015

Jonathan Franzen Ruffles Feathers Again, The New York Times, 4/24/2015

How to Misinterpret Climate Change Research, Scientific American, 4/23/2015

Conservatives don’t think global warming will happen in their lifetimes, Politico, 4/22/2015

Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change, ScienceDaily, 4/22/2015

Giant Waves Quickly Destroy Arctic Ocean Ice and Ecosystems, Scientific American, 4/21/2015

Town Hall Meetings Tackle Alaska’s Food Security Issues, Alaska Public Media, 4/21/2015

Earth’s biggest natural fridge is turning into a greenhouse gas machine, PRI Science Friday, 4/21/2015

Forest resources vital to many rural Eastern Europeans, IUCN 4/21/2015

Years of No Winter: R3 and the Blob, Mountain Research Initiative Blog, 4/21/2015

U.S. Takes Lead in Bid to Cope with Arctic MeltdownSecretary of State John Kerry heads to Canada to take on challenges of a changing Arctic, Scientific American, 4/20/2015, via ClimateWire

Long-Term Weather Models Point Toward A Warm Summer, AK Public Media, 4/20/2015

Obama declares National Park Week to promote climate initiative, 4/20/2015

Is Climate Change Making Animals Smaller? By Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, 4/20/2015

From The White House Blog: Weekly Address: Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored, 4/18/2015

New Climate Polls, A Comet Mystery, and Puppy Love.Australia Pledges Millions To Help Climate Contrarian Set Up Center To Argue Against Climate Action, ClimateProgress, 4/17/2014

‘3D Cryosat’ tracks Arctic winter sea ice, BBC News, 4/17/2015

Boardrooms and public fuel momentum for climate change: experts, Reuters, 4/17/2015

Pope Francis heightens his ‘green’ cred by tackling climate change, The Salt Lake Tribune, 4/17/2015

Vatican Announces Major Summit On Climate Change, ClimateProgress, 4/15/2015

Climate change may be triggering rain of rocks in French Alps, New Scientist, 4/17/2015

Arctic ‘unraveling’ due to global warming, and consequences will be global, ADN (reprint from The Washington Post), 4/16/2015

BP shareholders back more disclosure on climate change risks, Reuters, 4/16/2015

The Winter Of His Disbelief: After 35 years of exploring, skiing, and documenting the Sierra Nevada, photographer and snow surveyor John Dittli thought he had seen it all. He hadn’t. 4/15/2015

California ratepayers getting electric bill rebates, The LA Times, 4/15/2015

Antigua Draws a Line in the Vanishing Sand, Inter Press Service, 4/15/2015

UK political parties woo voters with green tech promises, New Scientist, 4/15/2015

Pacific Current Change Slowed Global Warming, Scientific American, 4/15/2015

Federal Agency Reviewing Yellow Cedar For Protection, AK Public Media, 4/15/2015

Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi to boost environmental information for decision-makers, IUCN News, 4/14/2015

Opinion – Climate change is a threat to national security, The Seattle Times, 4/12/2015

Courage on climate: The JFK Award, CNN, 4/14/2015

Climate Science Is Not Settled – “We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy,” writes leading scientist Steven E. Koonin, an editorial in The Wall Street Journal from 9/19/2014

Climate-Change Activists Consider the Necessity Defense, The New Yorker, 4/11/2015

From Thawing Permafrost, Slow but Steady Emissions Likely, US Global Change Research Program, 4/12/2015

Fossil fuel-free funds outperformed conventional ones, analysis shows, The Guardian, 4/10/2015

The Pacific Ocean may have entered a new warm phase — and the consequences could be dramatic, The Washington Post, 4/10/2015

Norway plans to drop worst greenhouse gas emitters from wealth fund, Reuters, 4/10/2015

Science Friday on NPR – As Arctic Permafrost Thaws, Microbes Kick Into Action, 4/10/2015

Climate change seen bringing more fires, less snow to Yellowstone, Reuters, 4/10/2015

Snowpack Melts Early Across the West, USDA News, 4/10/2015

Climate Data & Tools to Protect Public Health, US Global Change Research Program, 4/9/2015

Endangered species protections may be warranted for struggling Alaska tree, federal agency finds, ADN, 4/9/2015

Acidic oceans linked to greatest extinction ever, Nature, 4/9/2015

Obama Adviser During Recession Is Given New Challenge: Climate Change, The New York Times, 4/9/2015

Another State Agency Just Banned the Words “Climate Change”, Mother Jones, 4/8/2015

Scientists Predict Gradual, Prolonged Permafrost Greenhouse Gas Emissions, USGS News, 4/8/2015

Arctic research vessel set adrift to study sea ice decline, The Guardian, 4/8/2015

Pressing play to learn how climate change can impact indigenous cultures, Reuters, 4/8/2015

For Some Wisconsin State Workers, ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Something You Can Talk About, Bloomberg Business, 4/8/2015

Division of Forestry Stresses Being ‘Firewise’ This Season, Alaska Public Media, 4/8/2015

March’s Arctic ice extent was lowest on record for the month, ADN, 4/7/2015

Northwest Farmers Prepare For Short Water Year, Northwest Public Radio, 4/7/2015

Finland: Majority of parliamentary candidates rate climate change above competitiveness, Eye on the Arctic, 4/7/2015; ADN 4/8/2015

Climatologists to physicists: your planet needs you, Nature, 4/7/2015

Study Forecasts 70% Loss of West Canada’s Glaciers, The New York Times, 4/6/2015

Everybody needs a Climate Thing, Grist, 4/6/2015

Fire Potential Rises With Temperatures On The Kenai, KDLL, 4/6/2015

Zip line, anyone? Drought pushes skiers, resorts to seek alternative fun, LA Times, 4/2/2015

Goodbye Sustainability, Hello Resilience, this week’s Good Read in Conservation Magazine (4/5/2015), originally published 3/8/2013

Forests Give Way To Grass As Peninsula Heats Up, KDLL, 4/3/2015

Scientists Advise Changing Approach in Response to Changing Climate, KDLL, 4/2/2015

Climate change: Embed the social sciences in climate policy, Nature, 4/1/2015

Western Cities Had Hottest March on Record, AP, 4/1/2015

Polar bears face starvation as unlikely to adapt to a land-based diet, says report, The Guardian, 4/1/2015

Warm winter effects mixed, Homer News, 4/1/2015

Land-based food won’t sustain polar bears in a low-ice Arctic, study says, ADN, 4/1/2015

Antarctica records unprecedented high temperatures in two new readings, The Guardian, 3/31/2015

Forget “bans” on talking about climate. These Florida Republicans are too busy protecting their coasts, The Washington Post, 3/31/2015

Oceans could take thousands of years to recover from climate change, study says, Christian Science Monitor, 4/1/2015

Peninsula Warming, More Expected, KDLL report on the workshop, 3/31/2015

Researcher: Millions could be displaced by rising oceans by 2100, The Post and Courier, 3/31/2015

The US only has two polar icebreakers. That’s a problem if the Arctic keeps melting, Vox, 3/31/2015

Too Hot for Salmon to Handle? Stream Temperatures Rising Throughout Cook Inlet Watershed, KDLL, 3/30/2015

Looking for edge, Maine plunges into Arctic policy, The Portland Press Herald, 3/30/2015

Chile desert rains sign of climate change, chief weather scientist says, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/28/2015

Some Alaska animals may benefit from climate change while others suffer, studies say, ADN 3/28/2015

Record warmth reported in Antarctica as Melbourne shivers, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/27/2015

Warm spring weather breaks records across Alaska, ADN, 3/27/2015

2C is not enough to save most species, New Scientist, 3/27/2015

The Surface of the Earth Is Rising Beneath Your Feet, Bloomburg Business, 3/26/2015

Workshop preview – Refuge Notebook: Living with climate change in our backyards, Kenai Peninsula Clarion, 3/26/2015

Big Shelves Of Antarctic Ice Melting Faster Than Scientists Thought, NPR News, 3/26/2015

KDLL’s story, Climate Workshop Will Focus On Local Issues, 3/26/2015

Birding and conservation groups call on Canada, U.S. to preserve boreal forest, ADN, 3/25/2015

Alaska’s youth weighs in on the Arctic council and climate change, ADN, 3/21/2015

What will the summer bring to Alaska after this strange winter? ADN article, 3/22/2015

Warming seas undermining giant Antarctic glacier, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/17/2015

Drought emergency declared in parts of Oregon due to low snowpack, Reuters, 3/17/2015

Thawing permafrost threat to Alaskan ecosystems, ADN, 3/18/2015

Boston’s record-breaking snowfall another aspect of climate change, The Boston Globe, 3/16/2015

The new optimism of Al Gore for climate change, The New York Times, 3/16/2015

Lake Tahoe: Drought, climate change threatening winter, way of life at iconic landmark, from The San Jose Mercury News, 3/14/2015

Global warming messing with the jet stream and your weather, The Washington Post, 3/12/2015

Slate article on changes in Alaska as the “canary in the coalmine” for the rest of the world, 3/11/2015

Citizen science – 200 years of observation reveals changing trends, from Conservation Magazine, 3/11/2015

Putting people in the climate change picture, Nature, 3/11/2015

Alaska teens lobby governor on climate change, Eye on the Arctic, 3/11/2015

Coping with large scale forest change in Minnesota, MPR news, 3/9/2015

How climate change can destroy mummies, from The Washington Post, 3/9/2015

Arctic airports may be at risk from climate change, from The Globe and Mail, 3/8/2015

Officials banned the term climate change in Florida, from the Miami Herald, 3/8/2015. A follow-up article, 3/11/2015

Sea ice thinning faster than expected, The Guardian article from 3/6/2015. Another article from The Washington Post, 3/5/2015, and from ADN, 3/9/2015. Another view of the sea ice retreat from NASA’s Earth Observatory, 3/10/2015

How research helps climate monitoring and predictions in Alaska, from the International Arctic Research Center (IARC), 3/6/2015

Concern from fishing industry in Europe when fish ranges move north, from Conservation Magazine, 3/6/2015

Retreating Glaciers Affect Whales, Seals – AK Public Media article, 3/5/2015

Alaskan view, arctic irony? AK Public Media article, 3/5/2015Arctic caucus article in Eye on the Arctic, 3/5/2015

European preparation for climate change, from New Scientist, 3/4/2015

Sea ice change article from ADN, 3/1/2015

ADN article on research on ancient cod bones from an Alaska archaeological site and the link to levels of mercury in the food chain in a changing climate, 3/1/2015

Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership concerned with invasive species, KDLL article 2/27/2015

NPR on farming and garden productivity in Bethel, 2/26/2015ADN article on winter weather this year in Alaska, 2/26/2015

Conservation This Week‘s article on ocean acidification affecting oyster harvest, 2/25/2015

Kivalina, Alaska featured on Science Friday, 2/20/2015, and in a Washington Post article 2/24/2015

Climate change will lead to ecosystem clash in fisheries, Barrents Observer article from 2/4/2015

Refuge Notebook: Common gardens may reveal uncommon choice, Kenai Peninsula Clarion, 1/30/2015

The Hill article, Pope’s visit to stoke climate fight, 1/25/2015

How Carbon Dioxide Moves Around the Planet,, 12/17/2014

Big picture climate change planning,, 12/4/2014

Kenai Peninsula Climate Conference and Information