Kenai Adapt Committees and Subcommittees are being developed. We’ll continue to post updates and ways you can participate.

  • Energy Security: HEA; audits; efficiency; renewables; alternative energy sources
  • Food Security: Local food; gardening; agriculture
  • Infrastructure: community transit system; increased walkability/bikability; planning/zoning; urban forestry
  • Environmental Change: fish/wildlife; salmon; marine; ecotourism
  • Community Action: create community adaptation plan
  • Educational Outreach: scenarios planning; community workshops

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Thanks to everyone who made our March 2015 workshop a success! We had over 150 participants from all over the region. Check out presentation links on the 2015 Workshop page.

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Climate change and adaptation resources (global, regional, and local) are found on the Web Resources page. General information about adaptation and resilience is found on theTerms page.

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